Want to Learn Italian in Italy?

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I get asked a lot how I learned Italian. The easiest answer is simply to say, a lot of study and practice. But, on the other side of that, I did a lot of things differently than I see most learners doing. In talking about this with my friend and colleague Cher, the amazing and talented founder of The Iceberg Project (seriously, check it out), we noticed there is a real need for a true and functional language immersion program for language learners. We also took note that most tours focus on tired tourist sites and tourist vocabulary, but Italy is SO MUCH MORE! So, together we invented the Iceberg Project Immersion Retreat. This retreat takes place in Florence and besides including private tutoring, conversation practice, cultural events and food, we focused on using our best tips to take you to another level in Italian.

If you’ve ever dreamed of speaking Italian, learning Italian in Italy, or seeing a different side of Italy that is off the beaten tourist path, you don’t want to miss this! Click here for more info!


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