Florentine Favorites: BianCa Firenze

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I decided to create a new section on the blog where I interview and showcase locals I love. But not just people, I want to highlight brands, shops, food and anything in general that has become a Florentine favorite of mine.

To kick off this new launch, I decided to interview one of my best friends, and an all around amazing person, designer and entrepreneur. Her name is Carlotta Macchini but her brand is BianCa Firenze.

Besides the fact she is my friend, this woman is seriously SO talented. I am not kidding when I say I have countless pieces from her line, everything from shorts, to shirts to jackets. I LOVE her design ethic, her cuts and the fact that she totally understands women’s bodies.

I figured she was also fitting for today since it’s International Woman’s Day – a day literally dedicated to the unstoppable female! Tanti auguri donne!

Now, without further ado, I present, BianCa.

 Who are you?
  • I am Carlotta, a true Florentine, a sensitive heart, Sagittarius, previous maven of business economy studies, and a strenuous supporter of the power of love in the world.

How did BianCa get started?

  • I started Bianca cause I wanted to give myself the chance to be happy. Do you recall the quote “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”? Well that’s what came clear in my mind and this is still the goal I’m trying to reach every single day of my life. Also, I had this priceless opportunity thanks to my parents that have never stopped pushing me, supporting me and believing in my own capabilities and talent.

What inspires you?

  • Women inspire me. I love women, they hold the entire world on their shoulders and I get pleasure looking at a self-confident, happy and free woman. She shines like a star in her own right. That’s why I love spending time in my atelier listening to my clients, to their feelings, their emotions and their insecurities. I want every woman that wear one of my creation to feel nothing but beautiful. My country, indeed, is a constant inspiration, I have the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful corners of planet earth. I see beauty all around me and I could not be grateful enough.

What is your favorite thing about living in Florence?

  • Florence is kind of an enchanted secret garden. You need to know the secret path in order to discover its real nature and its hidden treasures. I love that I still know most of the people living in my neighborhood; I adore the innate sarcastic way of over-criticize every single thing of Florentine people, a I couldn’t live without the messy and crowded streets of the city center ( that I always reach with my bike when I need to restore my soul).

What do you hope BianCa will embody for the women who wear your clothes?

  • I hope Bianca will embody the freedom of choice for women that want to move away from the impositions coming from social media driven culture and the fashion industry dictate. Also I believe in the huge value of knowledge, care and honesty of work and I support the social power of itself.

You can follow Carlotta and BianCa on instagram @Bianca_firenze (and DM her there for order inquiries as well).

Check out some of my favorite looks wearing BianCa below!


  1. Beautiful clothing, beautiful women!

  2. Olga Morselli

    Cara Rachel, you have an excellent and very useful blog which I just found through Georgette! Relating to your friend Carlotta (a wonderful interview) and her atelier, BianCa Firenze, is it possible to visit and purchase her clothes at the atelier? I am not on Instagram, and wonder if there is any other way to contact Carlotta, possibly to make an appointment. I live in Chianti and visit Firenze when it is possible, and would absolutely love to see Carlotta’s clothes. Grazie mille per qualsiasi informazioni mi puoi dare. Cari saluti!

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