Want to Learn Italian in Italy?

I get asked a lot how I learned Italian. The easiest answer is simply to say, a lot of study and practice. But, on the other side of that, I did a lot of things differently than I see most learners doing. In talking about this with my friend and […]

Explore Tuscany: Pitigliano

Looking for one of those postcard perfect towns you see on calendars and postcards? After visiting, I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if most of those idyllic pictures were taken here. Pitigliano, is a small town made of volcanic tuff (tufo in Italian) located in the far south of Tuscany. Nestled […]

10 Behaviors You Want to Avoid as a Tourist

  This post originally appeared on The Iceberg Project – check it out here!  Coming to Italy and want to know how not to stand out among the Italians? Read on below. 1.) Harming others with your selfie sticks Imagine you’re walking down the street. You’ve got heavy groceries in […]