Florentine Favorites: BianCa Firenze

I decided to create a new section on the blog where I interview and showcase locals I love. But not just people, I want to highlight brands, shops, food and anything in general that has become a Florentine favorite of mine. To kick off this new launch, I decided to […]

Tuscan Wine, Part II: Mini-Guide to Reds of Tuscany

*This is a continuation of our guest post by Amy. Part I is here if you haven’t checked it out yet! Chianti and Chianti Classico Chianti is what I consider the most prevalent and most representative of Tuscan wine and the Tuscan “terroir.”  Chianti is permitted to include as little […]

Tuscan Wine, Part I: Know Before You Go

*Guest Post by the one and only Amy I want to preface everything with this:  I am not a sommelier or formally trained, but I really enjoy wine and wanted to try to share a little bit about what to try, and what I like, while you’re in Tuscany!  Most […]

Want to Learn Italian in Italy?

I get asked a lot how I learned Italian. The easiest answer is simply to say, a lot of study and practice. But, on the other side of that, I did a lot of things differently than I see most learners doing. In talking about this with my friend and […]

What is St. John’s Day in Florence?

    * This post first appeared here * Every city throughout Italy is blessed with a patron saint. Bologna has Petronius, Rome has St. Frances, and in Florence, our patron is St. John the Baptist. Every year on June 24, according to the Catholic calendar, is his feast day, […]