10 Rules to Find AMAZING Pizza in Italy

Despite what you may have heard, not all pizza is created equal and it actually IS entirely possible to have a downright terrible meal in Italy. Part of this has to do with “fast” food, and I’m not talking about McDonald’s.  You may know the places I’m talking about; think […]

La Befana

Have you heard of “La Befana?” She’s the friendly old witch that visits the children of Italy the night of Jan 5, so they wake up on the Epiphany, January 6, with treats or coal in their stocking. Every child in Italia looks forward to this tradition, as it is […]

New Year’s in Italy

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to restart my blog. It has been sitting here online, completely neglected, yet taking my money as I’ve been paying my yearly domain and hosting dues. I feel like I worked too hard on it originally to close it down, but […]

The Easter Season in Italy

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I decided to write a post on Easter in Italy, which is strangely both a solemn and joyful affair. I actually love this time of year, because it means Spring is coming, the cold is lifting and we are heading towards summer. It all starts […]

20 Ways to Make Your Holiday Season More Italian

If you love this time of year and all things Italy, but you’re having trouble finding time to study for Italian during the holidays, this article is for you! Sometimes at this time of year as family, friend and travel obligations distract us, it’s easy to let our commitment to […]

What is St. John’s Day in Florence?

    * This post first appeared here * Every city throughout Italy is blessed with a patron saint. Bologna has Petronius, Rome has St. Frances, and in Florence, our patron is St. John the Baptist. Every year on June 24, according to the Catholic calendar, is his feast day, […]

How to Shop at the Panetteria

  This post originally appeared on The Iceberg Project – check it out here!  Buying bread in Italy always feels like one of those glorious quintessential Italian moments from a movie or book. Sometimes I even buy a big loaf wrapped in brown paper, put it in my bicycle basket […]

Catching a Cold: Italian Style

It’s that time of year again. No, I am not referring to Christmas. I am talking about cold and flu season. The time of year my germaphobe self particularly loathes. If you thought being a germaphobe was a hard knock lifestyle in America, it’s a downright torturous in Italy. You […]

What It’s Like to Have Family in Italy

Being an Italian-American living in Italy, I often encounter questions on Italian culturalisms. Sometimes I know the answer and sometimes I don’t. But, I am always eager to share when people ask me what it is like having family here in Italy. I like this question because it is one […]