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Photo credit: Jane Z Photography

Ciaoooo! My name is Rachel aka Rachele aka The Italianista and I live in Florence, Italy. Being a partial-expat (I am American but also have dual citizenship with Italy, so I guess I’m like half-expat?), when moving from the US to Italy, I realized there was a lot I didn’t know and wish I had. So, I created this site to help travelers like me, decode the real Italy.

I am also married to the greatest guy in the world, Marco, and he helps me everyday to appreciate and enjoy this wonderful country. We also now have a daughter who joined our family in January 2019. She’s opened my eyes to a whole new Italia, one where you travel with a small human at all times, so hopefully my experiences can be helpful to others who wish to travel with kids as well.

In this little corner of the web I will be sharing a bit of everything. From intercultural parenting, to recipes, to living abroad, sometimes fashion, Italian words and wisdom, and people and places I love. I hope you find it interesting, cozy, inspiring, or just entertaining because I am happy to have you here with me.


In love, pasta and wine,