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La Befana

Have you heard of “La Befana?” She’s the friendly old witch that visits the children of Italy the night of Jan 5, so they wake up on the Epiphany, January 6, with treats or coal in their stocking. Every child in Italia looks forward to this tradition, as it is […]


New Year’s in Italy

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to restart my blog. It has been sitting here online, completely neglected, yet taking my money as I’ve been paying my yearly domain and hosting dues. I feel like I worked too hard on it originally to close it down, but […]


The Easter Season in Italy

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I decided to write a post on Easter in Italy, which is strangely both a solemn and joyful affair. I actually love this time of year, because it means Spring is coming, the cold is lifting and we are heading towards summer. It all starts […]


Explore Tuscany: Pitigliano

Looking for one of those postcard perfect towns you see on calendars and postcards? After visiting, I seriously wouldn’t be surprised if most of those idyllic pictures were taken here. Pitigliano, is a small town made of volcanic tuff (tufo in Italian) located in the far south of Tuscany. Nestled […]


Merry Christmas: Italian Style

This post originally appeared on The Iceberg Project – check it out here!  Christmastime is my absolute favorite time to be in Italy. Being a country that is over 96% Catholic, it often seems like the entire country is celebrating. The festivities last for almost a month with the season […]